Hi, my name is Cassandra. I am a Graphic Designer with a background in 3D and a passion for creating the extra in extraordinary. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and love to put that experience and knowledge into my design work. 
I have a strong attention for detail as well as a can-do attitude. I believe we never stop learning and there is always the potential for growth. No design is ever "finished" it is simply done. From nothing there is always something, and something can always become more.
Whilst I really love design I have other hobbies and interests to keep me occupied in my free time.
I am an avid reader, and particularly love reading Stephen King novels. I also love gaming, my favourite consoles being Nintendo handhelds, my all time favourite game is Yoshi Island. I'm also particularly fond of the updated version for Switch, Yoshi's Crafted World. 
I enjoy spending time with my Schnoodle x Spoodle, Whoopie. I spend some of my time outdoors with her,  at the beach, playing soccer, and tennis.